Vulnerable spots on my roof

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Are there vulnerable spots on my roof in Warsaw? Most homes have roofs that are capable of leaking if they are not protected properly. A building’s roof can be susceptible in several areas just like a medieval knight was vulnerable to injury in various parts of his armor. It is the never-ending mission of Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC. to protect these areas.

The weaknesses in your roof’s armor are located in valleys, joints, around vents and other protrusions and near the eaves. These locations all have the potential for allowing water to get past your roofing materials and into the home. The eaves, where your roof meets or overhangs exterior walls, can become compromised if not properly protected. This is particularly true during the winter in colder climates like Warsaw or Kosciusko County when ice begins to build up near the end of the roof, causing ice dams. When the ice stays in this spot and builds up, it ends up forcing melt water back up under the shingles or laterally into the seams. Either way, this is not the direction you want water running on your roof.

Another potential weak spot is a roof’s valley. If you think in terms of convex or concave, a roof’s hip is a convex area where two slopes meet, while the concave version is known as the valley. Because a valley is concave, water collects here in much heavier quantities than on a regular flat surface. Water follows gravity down the roof’s slope. But in a valley, there’s more of the wet stuff moving along, just looking for a way in. At Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., we use proper flashing techniques to add extra protection in the valleys. This same techniques help on homes with multiple levels where a roofline meets a vertical exterior wall. In this joint, our step flashing does the trick.

In all such vulnerable areas, the added protection of underlayment and ice and water shield gives your roof deck even more defense against the elements, shoring up those vulnerable spots of your roof in Warsaw.

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