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With all of the roofing contractors listed on Google these days it is very hard to know which one to pick. There are a few ways to weed out some of the roofing companies while also finding the perfect one to replace your roof.

  1. Look at their roofing reviews. Make sure they have reviews that talk about the roofing service they provide.
  2. How is their customer service when you call to talk to someone about your roofing needs?
  3. Do they offer free roofing estimates?
  4. Do they offer a Warranty on their roofing installs?
  5. You may even check to see if they offer financing for your new roof install.
  6. Do they have any locations you can go and look at their past work?

The key thing to remember is cheaper isn’t always better, the old saying you get what ya pay for is very true with getting a new roof. It may look ok from the ground but what happens in a year when the roof starts to leak and that discount roofing installer isn’t in business anymore?


“They did an AMAZING job on our roof. Answered every question we had. Had our roof completely done from start to finish in 8 hours. James H. went above and beyond for us. Very impressed with them. Our first call when anything in this area is needed. ”

Shelby Vining