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For roofing professionals, the attention paid to soffit and fascia is the difference between muddling along with bare minimum performance and doing a job with the excellence necessary to build a growing base of loyal customers for years to come.

Soffit and fascia are the proverbial window dressing of a roof. But, more importantly, both have practical applications that help with the weather-proofing and ventilation of your home. That’s why at Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., we seek out continual expertise on shingles and metal roofing, but also the proper installation of these two invaluable aspects of your roof.

Your home’s fascia is located at the edge of the roof on both the eaves as well as the rake. On some buildings, fascia trim of aluminum or vinyl is added as a protective covering for the fascia to help keep the wooden components dry.

Soffits are generally located on the underside of the overhang created on the eaves of the roof and can also be installed on the rake side when the roof includes an overhang. Soffits are generally vented or unvented.

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