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Residential Metal Roofs

The application of metal roofing on residential homes has gained significant traction in recent years. Metal roofing provides a number of advantages over traditional shingles. While the shingle industry has made noteworthy progress in terms of its product’s longevity, metal roofing still provides a bit more assurance in terms of life expectancy.

Aesthetics are also a consideration with metal roofing. The product’s expansive color palette makes a metal roof attractive from any distance. As opposed to shingles, the colors on metal roofs are also much less subdued.

Most residential metal roofing comes in several options, including the traditional corrugated product with exposed fasteners and new technology called standing seam, which provides a “snap into place” advancement, which hides fasteners for a continuous, seamless look.

Regardless of the choice, we are well-versed in the installation of all metal roofing products. Call us today.

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