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While most residences have roofs with varying degrees of slope, or pitch, occasionally, all or part of a residential roof features a flat area. These residential flat roofs can be challenging to maintain, repair or replace.

Here at Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., we have gotten the process of repairing or replacing residential flat roofs down to an exact science.

From knowing all the techniques for installing the proper flashing to understanding the role and limitations of sealant and cement, we’ve done our homework and that pays off in a residential flat roof that will ensure your confidence.

Part of what makes us the best choice for your residential flat roof is our vast experience in repairing and replacing similar roofs in a commercial or industrial setting. We’ve spent scores of hours on such roofs, where water and snow accumulate, strategizing on how to make this problematic roof surface water-tight. Our experience and research pays off in a job well done on your roof. And, our confidence in this area translates into not only a weatherproof roof, but a warranty that reflects that confidence. Call us today.

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