Hail Damage in Middlebury Indiana

Hail Damaged Roof Middlebury Indiana

The end of March was brutal on Middlebury rooftops, many roofs suffered hail damage.

An early spring storm rolled through Northern Indiana and dropped quarter-sized ice balls on the rustic, Elkhart County town. The result was an aftermath of damaged homes, cars and other property that amounted to untold monetary costs.

At Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., our highly-trained insurance claims specialists urge anyone who thinks they may have suffered damage to their home to contact a trained professional for a free assessment before reaching out to their insurance company. Our experienced professionals know what to look for to ensure that if your home suffered damage that an insurance adjuster might not notice, you will have a thorough diagnosis with which to file your claim. Book your Free roof estimate by calling (574) 551-7663.

When storms hit, flying projectiles such as hail or tree limbs can often create damage below the surface. An insurance adjuster, equally vested in the insurer’s interests, may not inspect close enough to discover anything other than what’s on the surface. For example, in the case of tree limbs falling on your roof, it is likely that an adjuster might miss broken trusses that exist under the roof, part of the support structure that gives your roof its strength. That’s why a PRS assessment includes a look into your attack. This is also how we discover leaking that hasn’t reached the living space yet.

Last month’s hail event in Middlebury was significant, with hail approaching the size of golf balls. If you believe your Middlebury roof has hail damage call us today at (574) 551-7663

Hail occurs when water droplets get caught in an updraft, usually during thunderstorms. The droplets rise to a high enough altitude to freeze. Once frozen, the ice particles collect more and more material until they become too heavy to stay airborne and drop from the sky.

At the size recently seen in Middlebury, hail can fall to earth as fast as 40 miles per hour. The speed at which hail travels is dependent on how large the ice ball is and also its shape. Particles of hail that are more aerodynamic in shape, will obviously fall faster, with drag coefficient factored in.

And, the faster the hail falls, the more damage it can do. With shingle roofs, hail can cause dimples in the roofing material, also known as bruising. Bruising from hail strikes breaks down the asphalt and fiberglass matting of conventional shingles. In addition, this rare form of precipitation can do significant damage to corrugated steel roofing as well. With metal roofing, hail strikes can cause the coating to chip away, leaving the roofing vulnerable to rusting and eventual leaks.

At Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., we have nearly two decades of experience in liaising between homeowners and insurance companies to ensure our customers receive the maximum benefit from their policies.

If you house was in the path of the recent hail storms, you are likely covered by your homeowners insurance policy. That’s why it’s important to contact an experienced professional to guide you through the process. Our assessments and estimates are free of charge. Call us today and one of our trained consultants will inspect your roof within 24 hours. It’s the best call you can make if you think your roof has suffered hail damage.