Best Roofing Materials in Indiana

When selecting a roofer in Northern Indiana, make sure you find the contractor who knows roofing materials in Indiana, front and back.

At Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC., we’ve done our homework on what materials give our customers the most bang for their buck. Or, more to the point, which materials do the best job of keeping the water out of the home.

PRS contractors start with high-quality asphalt shingles and corrugated metal. With the popularity of metal roofs accelerating in recent years, we partnered with Premier Metal to provide the highest-quality exposed fastener and standing seam roofing metal anywhere. Exposed fastener roofing is a highly-effective, while less expensive option. Standing seam metal is an option that eliminates any exposed fasteners and is more aesthetically pleasing and provides increased water resistance.

For asphalt shingles, PRS has a long-standing partnership with CertainTeed, using the company’s Landmark and Landmark Pro architectural shingles. These top quality materials are so effective, current warranties far surpass guarantees from recent years past. Homeowners everywhere think that metal lasts so much longer than shingles, they are usually surprised to find out how close the life expectancies are on these two different products.

However, before these products are installed, there is much work to be done, involving other very important roofing materials.

At PRS, we only tackle a roof one way — we remove all the old roofing material. While there is a school of thought that says shingles can be applied up to three times, leaving the previous layers of shingles on the roof, we don’t do that. Removing all the old, worn out shingles or other roofing materials allows us to provide our high-end warranty.

So, we have your roof down to the bare wood, the all-important decking. This is when we closely inspect the decking to ensure there are no damaged areas or places where water has compromised the integrity of the decking or substructure. In extreme cases, prolonged leaking can cause water to break away at the integrity of rafters or trusses, making the entire roofing surface a safety hazard. If the roof is in danger of collapsing under the weight of foot traffic, it’s also susceptible to leaking.

Following the inspection and the replacing of any questionable decking, it’s time to put down the quality products that are going to protect your roof for the coming decades from the severities of Northern Indiana weather.

With a two-foot swath of a synthetic product called Ice & Water applied along all your roof edges and in any valleys, your roof is protected from infiltrating rain and the freeze and thaw factor of severe winters. This product is a huge deterrent to ice dams, which eventually lead to leaks. In addition, an aluminum drip edge is applied to the rakes and eaves to protect all the wood along the edge of the roof and the fascia.

Once all the Ice & Water is applied, we cover the entire roof with underlayment before applying our shingles or corrugated metal. For valleys and anywhere something protrudes from the roof, flashing is used to channel water off the roof and away from the house. In addition, our manufacturing partners educate us profusely on the proper installation techniques for their products.

For any further questions regarding quality roofing materials in Indiana, call Professional Roofing Solutions & Construction, LLC. today.